Usk Vale Poultry was established 30 years ago by the Davis family, who were traditional dairy and sheep farmers looking to diversify and supply local butchers with quality Christmas Turkeys and, more recently, large Christmas ‘Roaster’ Chickens, grown in the heart of Monmouthshire.

Like most solid family run businesses, the company has grown steadily and has created a market throughout mainland UK and the Channel Islands. We have achieved this through dedication and our attention to detail in both the growing and processing of our poultry, which in turn, has allowed us to produce birds of award winning standards for quality butchers. Because Usk Vale is supporting three generations of our family and your point of contact will nearly always be one of them, you can be assured we will do our utmost to supply you with a great product and great service. The family takes its business very seriously, after all it is our livelihood, so if we let you down, we let ourselves down.

As we are asking you to support us and buy British, we think it only right that we do the same. All our major inputs are now “MADE IN BRITAIN”. We feel it is our responsibility to help sustain the British economy.

Food Provenance: from farm to fork

We are proud to offer our customers superb quality British poultry that is home produced in the rolling, green Monmouthshire countryside.
Each bird can be traced back to one of our experienced and caring farmers; this full traceability includes identifying the original farm which supplied the hatchery – we are proud to say that all the eggs we use are ‘Laid in Britain’. We feed our poultry on specially formulated, locally milled rations containing 75% grain (with no growth enhancers). This helps maintain optimum health and growth, resulting in succulent, fine-textured, full-flavoured meat you will be proud to serve on Christmas Day.